“GHD Shop offers its customers the best hair on the market: raw hair and virgin hair.”


“GHD Shop offers you the most durable hair quality in different textures from different donors.”


“GHD Shop is committed to delivering quality hair by bridging the gap between the values.”


“GHD Shop believes that luxury should be found in the quality, feel and look of the hair.”


We accept all major credit cards including but not limited to; Visa, Master Card, Apple Pay, Payconiq and Paypal.


We have a standard 48-72 hour processing time prior to the shipment of all orders. This processing timeframe is subject to change due to sales or holidays. The estimated timeframe for shipping is 4-7 days. We currently use Fedex and in some occasions DHL.


******ALL NON-DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: There is a Customs fee that can be requested by the postal service upon delivery/receipt of the package. Customers may be subject to a 35% Duty/Customs fee based on the total order value. Good Hair Day Shop is not at liberty to calculate or charge customer as we have no control over the fees required outside of regular shipping fees. Please get in touch with your local postal service for further details. ******


Read Wig Care for more information!


Read Wig Care for more information!


Comb the hair gently from the ends and work toward the weft, link or band. Use a comb with wide teeth to detangle the hair. Place hair under warm running water. Gently wash, condition and rinse. A gentle shampoo and conditioner is recommended. Do not rub or wring the hair. Gently pat with a towel to remove excess water. Detangle hair with fingers. Air dry or blow dry the hair on a low – medium heat setting.


Be gentle. The more gentle you treat them, the longer they will last and the better they will look. When you are brushing your hair extensions, hold your hair at the base, start at the ends and gently work your way up.


All of the extensions can be reused.


All of the extensions can be reused.


Tape ins are small wefts of hair attached to a thin adhesive base and applied close to the hairline. Tape extensions provide an even distribution of hair to recreate the look of natural hair. They are also better for your hair, requiring less washing and giving you the option of using a dry shampoo instead. Best of all, you can go up to 8-weeks between maintenance.


Each bundle is weighed between 3.3-3.5 oz (95-100 grams), including rubber bands.


For a full sew-in:
8” – 12” we recommend 2 bundles;14” – 18” we recommend 3 bundles;20” – 26” we recommend 3-4 bundles;28” we recommend 4 bundles

For a closure or frontal install:
8” – 16” we recommend 2 bundles + closure or frontal;18” – 24” we recommend 3 bundles + closure or frontal;26” up we recommend 3-4 bundles + closure or frontal.

The hair you need is based on the size of your head and hair length also strongly depends on personal preference

See General Product Information for head measurements.


Shorter hair offers more fullness than length. Therefore, longer lengths will need additional bundles to add fullness.


Bone straight is a type of raw, straight and firm hair that is thin, sleek, scanty and well knotted from the weft to the bottom. This hair is quite similar to natural straight hair because of the straightness they both share. This kind of hair doesn’t easily tangle because the strands are free and firm.


All virgin and raw hair reacts differently to products and regimes. Remember to stay away from ingredients that can strip your extensions of moisture such as parabens, sulfates and silicones. These products usually have a high alcohol content that dries out the hair follicle. Heavy oils are also not necessary to care for your extensions because it can weigh down your hair pattern. As a rule of thumb, we recommend co-washing your bundles weekly to rid your bundles of excess product. Deep conditioning can be done as often as needed. For more read Wig Care


GHD Shop offers you the most durable hair quality. Our hair extensions can last a very long time, depending on how you maintain it. Therefore, we recommend that you wash and treat your hair extensions like your own hair. Raw hair is unprocessed human hair from a single donor that has not undergone any chemical processing. The only process it goes through is sanitization. It is also the most natural and original form of hair available and as such it can last for years with proper hair care. Virgin hair is also top quality. The rule of thumb is at least 2-4 years.

  1. Raw hair differs significantly from virgin hair. Both are extensions of human hair, but raw hair is unaltered. Virgin hair has been steam processed to give it texture i.e. deep wave, loose wave etc. Raw hair is not steamed or chemically altered and feels like human hair growing out of your own head of hair. Therefore, Raw Hair requires more love, care and attention. 
  2. Because raw hair has not been chemically altered or steam processed, it usually comes in only three textures. Raw hair occurs mainly in straight, natural wave and in curly, which is rare. Styles such as deep wave, kinky curly, body wave, etc. usually do not exist with raw hair. In order to achieve those patterns, be mass-produced and marketable, coarse hair would have to undergo a professional steam treatment.
  3. Raw hair is of the utmost best quality on the market, but keep in mind that it will be more expensive. Unlike virgin hair, raw hair can last for many years with proper care. Quality virgin hair is also relatively pricey but you usually pay more with raw hair.

A little shedding is normal, although we recommend sealing the weft and cut areas. Tangles only occur when hair is extremely dry, not maintained and not brushed and moisturized often. We use machine weft to minimize shedding. You may see a few strands here and there during detangling or styling, but nothing alarming or excessive. The most effective way to prevent shedding is to seal the wefts, as mentioned earlier.


Yes, virgin hair can be bleached and dyed to any desired color. It is recommended that the hair not be bleached more than 3-4 times as this can greatly dry out and damage the hair.

We strongly recommend that all chemical processes be done by a professional or at least consulted by a professional.

This purchase is an investment for you, and chemically altering the hair can potentially damage it. Although our virgin, raw and blonde 613 hair extensions can handle a coloring process very well, be careful. Once the hair is improperly chemically altered due to inexperience, the cuticle can become damaged and overexposed, causing fraying, breakage, dryness and tangles. This, in turn, will affect the overall look and feel of your hair. Chemical damage does not have a reverse button, and we are not liable for any damages.


Yes. Read Wig Care for more information. 


For a full sew-in:

8” – 12” we recommend 2 bundles;
14” – 18” we recommend 3 bundles;
20” – 26” we recommend 3-4 bundles;
28” we recommend 4 bundles.

For a closure or frontal install:

8” – 16” we recommend 2 bundles + closure or frontal;
18” – 24” we recommend 3 bundles + closure or frontal;
26” up we recommend 3-4 bundles + closure or frontal.

The hair you need is based on the size of your head and hair length also strongly depends on personal preference

See General Product Information for head measurements.




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