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Haute Hairitage offers you the most durable hair quality. Raw hair is unprocessed human hair from a single donor that has not undergone any chemical processing. The only process it goes through is sanitization. It is also the most natural and original form of hair available and as such, it can last for years with proper hair care. Virgin hair is also top quality. The main difference is that it is manipulated to achieve the desired texture (deep wave, Italian curly, kinky curl, etc) and comes from different donors.


Haute Hairitage offers its customers the best hair on the market: raw hair and virgin hair. They have the desired thickness, fullness and longevity. This hair, through limited to no chemical processing and with proper care can last for years. It is safe to be bleached and colored as desired.


Haute Hairitage is committed to delivering the necessary quality hair to our customers by bridging the gap between valuable products, quality and luxury. We strongly believe that our products are an added value as they rate high on quality and longevity.

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Difference between Virgin and Raw Hair

  1. Raw hair is significantly different from virgin hair. Both are human hair extensions; however, raw hair has not been altered. Virgin hair has been steamed processed to give it texture ie deep wave, loose wave etc. Raw hair has not been steamed processed or chemically altered in any way and will behave just like human hair growing out of your hair. This is why Raw Hair requires more love, care and attention.
  2. Since raw hair hasn’t been chemically altered or steamed processed, it usually only comes in three textures. Raw hair primarily comes in straight, natural wave and in curly, which is rare. Styles such as a deep wave, kinky curly, body wave, etc. are typically non existent when dealing with raw hair. To achieve those patterns, mass produce and be marketable raw hair would have to undergo professional steaming manufacturing.
  3. Raw hair is usually better quality but in keep in mind it will be more expensive. Unlike virgin hair, raw hair can last for many years with proper care. Quality virgin hair is also relatively pricey but typically with raw hair, you will pay more.
Raw hair
Virgin Hair

“As a brand, we believe that luxury lies in the quality, feel and look of the hair. To be highly accessible, we strive to bridge the gap between value, longevity and quality.”

“Our mission is to build a brand that not only provides high quality wigs and hair extensions, but also enables our customers to seize the day on any given occasion and feel confident and seen.”

Bone Straight

What is Bone straight?

Bone straight is a type of raw, straight and firm hair that is thin, sleek, scanty and well knotted from the weft to the bottom.This hair is quite similar to natural straight hair because of the straightness they both share. This kind of hair doesn’t easily tangle because the strands are free and firm.

We provide you with 3 types of bone straight:

  1. Virgin Bone Straight: bone straight hair has a silky, flat, and extremely smooth texture, while normal hair’s texture is a bit coarse and not as silky as bone straight hair.
  2. Double Drawn: It is one of the best quality hair replacement products available. The virgin hair is raw and unprocessed. 70-80% of the hair strands are the same length and offer a thicker look. The hairs are carefully collected and selected by hand. All strands are arranged at equal lengths, providing a polished and smooth look.
  3. Super Double Drawn: This is the thickest hair amongst all they types of Bone straight, it contains approximately 85-90% amount of hair strands that are of the same length. The rest 10-15% is blended with different lengths of hair strand.

Virgin bone Straight

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  • Free from chemicals,
  • Can be dyed to 613
  • 100% cuticle aligned human hair contains the same length from weft to tip.
Double Drawn (DD)
  • Quite thick and full from top to bottom
  • Made by hand, no machine and no chemicals
  • Takes up 70-80% hair strands aligned in equal lengths
Super Double Drawn (SDD)
  • Cuticle aligned
  • Upmost longevity and durability
  • Very thick and full from top to bottom
  • Made by hand, no machine and no chemicals
  • Takes up 80 – 95% hair strands aligned in equal lengths in the same length
Haute Hairitage

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